Best 2-Man Ladder Stand 2023

Looking for the best 2 man ladder stand? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will be reviewing the top ladder stands on the market and helping you decide which one is right for you. We’ll also provide a buyer’s guide to help you make an informed purchase. So, whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just starting out, read on for the best 2 man ladder stand of 2023!

Best 2-Man Ladder Stand 2023 Comparison Table

PhotoNameCheck PriceBrandFeatures
Hawk 18' Denali 2-Man Ladder Check PriceHawk• STAND HEIGHT - 18'
• PLATFORM SIZE - 47" W x 19" D
• SEAT SIZE - 24" W x 24" D x 24" H
Rivers Edge RE649 2-Man Ladder Stand 18'Check PriceRivers Edge• Ideal platform
• Enough seat space
• Ideal Capacity
• Safety Harness
• Durable Material Type
BIG GAME The Spector XT 2-Person Ladder StandCheck PriceBIG GAME• Adjustable
• Flex-Tec seat and backrest
• unisex-adult usage
• Flip-Back, Large Seat
• Deep Foot Platform
Rivers Edge RE665 TWOPLEX 2-Man, BlackCheck PriceRivers Edge• Height to Shooting Rail
• Height to Seat
• Solid stability
• Durable and rugged
X-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk 20' Two Man LadderstandCheck PriceX-Stand Treestands• SAFETY HARNESS

1) Denali 2-Man Ladder By Hawk Best 2-Man Ladder Stand

Check Price

HAWK mud-grabbing SAFE-TREAD stairs distinguish the Denali 2-Man Ladder. These stairs are designed to keep hunters safe in difficult terrain. These stairs will keep you steady on muddy pathways or rocky terrain.

Mesh Lounger Chairs and High Curved Backrests Provide Unmatched Comfort

Long hours of hunting require comfort, and the Denali 2-Man Ladder delivers. Its large mesh comfort lounger chairs and high curved backrest allow you to hunt for long periods without discomfort. No more painful backs and uncomfortable seats with the Denali ladder.

Strong, long-lasting construction

The Denali ladder has a sturdy frame made of circular tubing and fastened sections to resist outdoor use. This makes the ladder durable, making it a good investment for hunters. You can trust Denali hunting gear to last season after season.

Maintain Consistency with Unique Tensioning Mechanism

Hunting stand stability is essential for safety and precision. A unique tensioning system on the Denali ladder does that. It keeps you steady so you can focus on your goal.

Fingertip Convenience

Hunter convenience is the Denali 2-Man Ladder’s goal. An incorporated footrest makes long waiting more comfortable. The flip-back shooting rail makes aiming easy, and the central armrest supports you when it counts. These clever additions improve hunting.

In conclusion, the Hawk Denali 2-Man Ladder is the greatest hunting gear for serious hunters. It promises a unique hunting experience with its unmatched safety, comfort, durability, and convenience. Choose the Denali ladder for your next hunting trip to eliminate discomfort and uncertainty and maximize wilderness time.

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2) 2-Man Ladder Stand By Rivers EdgeBest 2-Man Ladder Stand

Check Price

Its plush bench seat makes the Rivers Edge 2-Man Ladder Stand stand out. The seat is spacious enough for two hunters and intended for comfort. Even if you prefer hunting alone, this seat’s elbow room is useful.

Roomy Platform

This ladder stand’s 36″ x 12.5″ platform provides ample area. This platform allows you to move around and store your gear. It’s meant to allow for movement without cramping.

Handy Flip-Back Shooting Rail

Hunting stands require easy entry and escape, which the Rivers Edge 2-Man Ladder Stand delivers. Its flip-back cushioned firing rail makes hunting easier. You may easily enter and exit your stand with this rail.

Safety First with 500-Pound Harness

The Rivers Edge 2-Man Ladder position prioritizes safety when hunting from an elevated position. With a 500-pound safety harness, this stand gives you piece of mind when hunting. You can completely enjoy hunting when you’re safe.

Finally, the Rivers Edge 2-Man Ladder Stand is a top choice for hunters wanting a reliable, comfortable, and safe hunting platform. This ladder stand includes features to enhance your hunting experience, whether you’re hunting alone or with a friend. Its comfortable chair, large platform, convenient shooting rail, and sturdy safety harness make it a great choice for hunters of all levels. Get the Rivers Edge 2-Man Ladder Stand to improve your hunting today!

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3) The Spector XT 2-Person Ladder Stand By BIG GAMEBest 2-Man Ladder Stand

Check Price

The Spector XT Ladder Stand’s steel design makes it stable. This weatherproof stand keeps you safe while hunting. The three square tubing sections give a solid base for hunting.

Adjustable Padded Shooting Rail

The Spector XT Ladder Stand’s adjustable padded shooting rail is notable. Shooting accuracy and adaptability are improved by this rail. You can effortlessly change its height and angle for a comfortable and accurate shot every time.

Easy Flip-Back Rail Access

Getting into and out of a hunting stand can be difficult. This is simplified by the Spector XT Ladder Stand’s flip-back shooting rail. Flipping the rail out of the way gives you full stand access with this ingenious design. No more uncomfortable hunting entrances and exits.

Comfortable Adjustable Seat

Long hours of waiting are common in hunting. The adjustable seat of the Spector XT Ladder Stand ensures comfort. This seat can be customised at 17 inches wide and 13 inches deep. This stand lets you hunt comfortably from a slightly reclined or upright position.

Excellent Weight and Portability

The Spector XT Ladder Stand supports 300 pounds, making it suitable for most hunters. At 54 pounds, it’s lightweight despite its strong structure. This makes transporting to your favourite hunting places easier.

For bowhunters and those who appreciate uninterrupted hunting, the Spector XT 2-Person Ladder Stand is a top choice. Its steel construction, adjustable features, and user-friendly design set it apart in hunting gear. Improve your hunting game and outdoor pleasures with the Spector XT Ladder Stand.

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4) TWOPLEX RE665 2-Man By Rivers EdgeBest 2-Man Ladder Stand

Check Price

The TWOPLEX RE665’s height allows hunters to identify wildlife from afar. The stable shooting rail makes setting up your shot easier and more accurate. This hunting stand eliminates the risk of missing your target owing to poor visibility or footing.

Big Platform for Comfort and Mobility

Hunting takes patience and endurance, so comfort is key. TWOPLEX RE665 excels here. Its large platform lets you move around without feeling constricted, letting you modify your position. You and your hunting partner can stay comfortable for extended hours in the outdoors.

Flexible Flip-Up Seat

The ingenious flip-up seat makes this hunting stand stand out. This design lets you easily switch between solo and duo hunting. Solo hunters can enjoy the platform’s spaciousness. Flip down the seat to share the experience with a fellow hunter. This adaptable feature enhances hunting trips.

Built to Last

Hunting gear must be durable, and the TWOPLEX RE665 is. This hunting stand is made of durable materials and precision engineering to survive tough situations. This stand will last through rain, snow, and extreme heat. This investment will pay off season after season.


The TWOPLEX RE665 2-Man Hunting Stand by Rivers Edge revolutionises hunting stands. Its amazing height, broad platform, adjustable seating, and unmatched durability make it ideal for modern hunters. In the field, the appropriate gear may make or break you. Enhance your hunting experience with the TWOPLEX RE665, bringing increased comfort, versatility, and precision. Don’t settle for less than the best.

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5) Jayhawk Two Man Ladderstand By X-Stand TreestandsBest 2-Man Ladder Stand

Check Price

Weight capacity is an impressive characteristic of the X-Stand Jayhawk Two Man Ladderstand. This sturdy stand can support two adults and 500 pounds. Though lightweight at slightly under 122 pounds, it stands out from the competitors. It is strong and portable, making it easy to carry to your hunting place.

Heavy-Duty Steel Superior Durability

Any serious hunter values durability, and the Jayhawk excels in this area. This ladderstand is made of heavy-duty steel for maximum strength and stability in the outdoors. The Jayhawk will assist you while climbing to your perch or waiting for the right shot.

Safety First: 4-Point Harnesses

Hunters should always prioritize safety, and the X-Stand Jayhawk does. This ladderstand has two full-body 4-point safety harnesses to keep you and your hunting buddy safe. These safety harnesses will keep you secure and calm when hunting, whether you’re climbing the stand or focusing on your target.

Customize Your Shooting Experience with Cushioned Rail

Another Jayhawk Two Man Ladderstand feature is versatility. Its cushioned shooting rail is adjustable to your liking. You can leave it in place for stability or remove it for a clear shot. This amount of customisation offers a personalized hunting experience.

Self-Lubricating Nylon Washers for Silent Precision

Sneaking is often the key to hunting success. With Stealth Silencers, the Jayhawk understands this perfectly. Strategically placed self-lubricating nylon washers on the stand prevent metal-on-metal contact. The result? Superior stealthiness for game tracking and targeting.

Ultimate Strength with HeliX Oval Tubing

Ladderstands must be strong and durable, and the Jayhawk’s HeliX oval tubing delivers. This unique tube design adds strength without weight, guaranteeing your ladderstand can weather the elements and time.

Styled for the weather

Finally, the X-Stand Jayhawk is stylish as well as functional. Its powder-coated finish improves weather protection and looks. With weather defender protection, your ladderstand will look great and last for years.

For professional hunters wanting strength, comfort, and safety, the X-Stand Jayhawk Two Man Ladderstand is a top choice. Its outstanding weight capacity, heavy-duty steel structure, safety harnesses, customization choices, stealth-enhancing features, and weather-resistant design make it a hunting game-changer. Discover the outdoors with the X-Stand Jayhawk and improve your hunting game.

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Best 2-Man Ladder Stand 2023: A Buyer’s Guide

What Is A 2-Man Ladder Stand?


A 2-man ladder stand is a type of hunting equipment that allows two people to climb up and sit in, providing a comfortable and concealed spot from which to hunt.

Why Would You Need A 2-Man Ladder Stand?


There are several reasons why you might need or want a 2-man ladder stand. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to hunt with a friend or family member, or maybe you simply want the extra space and stability that a 2-man ladder stand can provide. Whatever your reasons, a 2-man ladder stand can be a great addition to your hunting gear.

Different Types Of 2-Man Ladder Stand

There are several different types of 2-man ladder stands available on the market, each with its own set of features and benefits. Here is a look at some of the most popular options:

Hang-on Stands

These types of stands typically feature a seat that hangs from the frame, allowing for easy setup and takedown. They are typically lighter weight and more compact than other types of stands, making them ideal for hunting in tight spaces.

Climbing Stands

Climbing stands provide a more stable platform for hunting, as they feature both a seat and a footrest. This makes them ideal for taller hunters or those who plan on spending extended periods of time in their stand. However, they are typically heavier and more difficult to set up than other types of stands.

Tripod Stands

Tripod stands offer a stable, three-legged design that is perfect for hunters who plan on spending extended periods of time in their stand. They are also ideal for taller hunters or those hunting in areas with uneven terrain. However, they can be difficult to set up and are not as portable as other types of stands.

Tower Stands

Tower stands provide the stability of a tripod stand with the added height of an elevated platform. This makes them ideal for hunting over large tracts of land or in areas with dense foliage. However, they can be difficult to set up and transport, and are not as portable as other types of stands.

Hang-and-Hunt Stands

These types of stands feature a seat that hangs from the frame, allowing for easy setup and takedown. They also typically include a shooting rail or shelf for added stability when taking shots. However, they are not as stable as other types of stands and are not ideal for extended periods of time spent in the stand.

Considerations Before Getting A 2-Man Ladder Stand

When looking for the best 2-man ladder stand, there are several things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a 2-man ladder stand is important because you want to make sure that the stand can support both you and your hunting partner. Most 2-man ladder stands have a weight capacity of around 500 pounds, but there are some that can support more weight. If you’re planning on using the stand for long periods of time, you may want to choose one with a higher weight capacity.


Another thing to consider is how comfortable the stand is. You’ll want to make sure that there is enough room for both you and your hunting partner to sit comfortably. Some stands have cushioned seats, while others have mesh seats that allow you to stay cool in warm weather.

Ease of Use

You’ll also want to consider how easy the stand is to set up and takedown. Some stands are easier to use than others, so you’ll want to choose one that’s easy to use if you’re planning on using it frequently.


You’ll want to consider the price of the stand. 2-man ladder stands can range in price from around $100 to over $500.


The material of the stand is also something to consider. Some stands are made from aluminum, while others are made from steel. Aluminum is usually lighter and more portable, but it’s not as durable as steel.


You’ll want to consider the size of the stand when you’re choosing one. Some stands are larger than others, so you’ll want to choose one that’s the right size for you and your hunting partner.


If you plan on using the stand in different locations, you’ll want to choose one that’s easy to transport. Some stands come with wheels for easy transport, while others are designed to be more compact and portable.


You may also want to consider how compact the stand is. Some stands are designed to be more compact and easier to transport, while others are larger and take up more space.


You’ll want to consider the warranty of the stand. Some companies offer a limited warranty on their products, while others offer a lifetime warranty.

Benefits Of Using A 2-Man Ladder Stand

There are many benefits of using a 2-man ladder stand. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Increased stability – When you have two people on a ladder stand, it is much more stable than if there was only one person on the stand. This is because there are twice as many points of contact with the ground.
  2. Increased height – A 2-man ladder stand will obviously be taller than a single-person stand. This can be beneficial when trying to reach something high up or get a better view.
  3. Increased weight capacity – Most 2-man ladder stands have a weight capacity of 500 pounds or more. This means that two people can safely use the stand without worrying about it collapsing.
  4. Two people can use the stand at the same time – This is beneficial if you want to have a conversation with someone while on the stand or if you need two sets of eyes to look for something.
  5. You can take turns using the stand – If one person gets tired of standing on the ladder, they can switch places with the other person. This way, both people can take breaks and avoid getting too fatigued.
  6. It’s more fun – Let’s face it, ladder stands are more fun when there are two people on them!

Tips On Maintaining A 2-Man Ladder Stand

Maintaining a 2-man ladder stand is important for two main reasons. First, it ensures the safety of those who use the stand. Second, it keeps the stand in good condition so that it lasts longer. Here are some tips on how to maintain a 2-man ladder stand.

Inspect the stand regularly

One of the most important things you can do to maintain a 2-man ladder stand is to inspect it regularly. You should check all of the bolts and nuts to make sure they are tight. You should also look for any signs of wear or tear. If you see any damage, you should repair it immediately.

Keep the stand clean

Another important thing you can do to maintain a 2-man ladder stand is to keep it clean. You should remove any dirt, leaves, or other debris that could accumulate on the stand. You should also make sure the stand is free of rust.

Store the stand properly

When you are not using the stand, you should store it properly. You should cover the stand with a tarp or other type of cover. This will protect the stand from the elements and help it last longer.

How To Clean A 2-Man Ladder Stand?

It is important to keep your 2-man ladder stand clean so that it lasts for many years. Here are some tips on how to clean a 2-man ladder stand:

  1. Use a garden hose to spray down the entire ladder stand.
  2. Pay special attention to the areas where the rungs and steps meet the frame of the ladder stand, as these are typically the dirtiest areas.
  3. Use a soft brush or cloth to scrub away any stubborn dirt or grime.
  4. Rinse off the soap with the garden hose and allow the ladder stand to air dry completely before using it again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Worth It To Get A 2-Man Ladder Stand?

A 2-man ladder stand can be a great investment, particularly if you often go hunting with a partner. Not only will it give you both a comfortable place to sit and wait for game, but it will also provide an extra level of safety. If you’re looking for the best possible hunting experience, a 2-man ladder stand is definitely worth considering.

What Is The Difference Between A 2-Man Ladder Stand And A Single Person Stand?

The biggest difference between a 2-man ladder stand and a single-person stand is the weight capacity. A 2-man ladder stand is built to accommodate two people, so it will have a higher weight capacity. This means that it will be more sturdy and stable than a single-person stand.

Another difference is the size. A 2-man ladder stand will be larger overall, which can make it more comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.

What Is The Weight Capacity Of A 2-Man Ladder Stand?

2-man ladder stands typically have a weight capacity of 500-700 pounds. However, there are some models that can accommodate more weight.

How Do I Transport A 2-Man Ladder Stand?

Most 2-man ladder stands come with a set of straps that make it easy to attach the stand to the roof of your vehicle. Once the stand is attached, you can simply drive to your hunting location and set the stand-up.

How Easy Is It To Set Up A 2-Man Ladder Stand?

2-man ladder stands are relatively easy to set up. Most models come with clear instructions and can be assembled in about 30 minutes.

Do I Need To Use A Safety Harness With A 2-Man Ladder Stand?

Yes, it is always advisable to use a safety harness when hunting from a 2-man ladder stand. A safety harness will help to prevent you from falling out of the stand and sustaining serious injuries.

What Is The Average Price Of A 2-Man Ladder Stand?

2-man ladder stands typically range in price from $100-$300. The exact price will depend on the brand, model, and features of the stand.

Do I Need To Anchor A 2-Man Ladder Stand?

Most 2-man ladder stands come with built-in anchor points that make it easy to secure the stand to the ground. However, you may want to use additional anchors for added stability.

Is It Legal To Hunt From A 2-Man Ladder Stand?

In most states, it is legal to hunt from a 2-man ladder stand. However, there are some states that have regulations regarding the use of ladder stands. Be sure to check with your local wildlife agency before hunting from a ladder stand.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of different 2-man ladder stand options on the market, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. We hope that our guide has helped to make your decision a little easier.

No matter which 2-man ladder stand you choose, you’re sure to enjoy spending time outdoors with your favorite hunting or fishing buddy. These stands provide a great way to improve your chances of success while also enjoying some quality time together in nature.

Do you have a favorite 2-man ladder stand? Let us know in the comments below. And be sure to check back often for more great guides like this one.


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